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Tucson Neuroscience Research

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Tucson Neuroscience Research

6567 E. Carondelet Drive
Suite 455
Tucson, AZ 85710-2156

Our Hours
Mon-Fri: 8am-4:30pm

Main Office
+1-520- 225-0382

Study Hotline
+1-520- 210-5092

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Tucson Neuroscience Research draws from the expertise of two veteran organizations in the medical and clinical research world — Wake Research and Western Neurosurgery, Ltd.

About Western Neurosurgery, Ltd.

Western Neurosurgery, Ltd. was founded in 1980 by Dr. Robert Goldfarb and is the premier neurosurgical and neurology practice in southern Arizona. Located on the campus of St. Joseph’s Hospital, they are an affiliated partner of Carondelet Neurological Institute. Western provides neurology and neurosurgery for Tucson and surrounding communities in Southern Arizona.

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We conduct clinical research trials to advance health.

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