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About Us

An innovator and leader in clinical trials, Multi-Specialty Research Associates (MSRA) conducts Phase I-IV clinical trials over a wide range of therapeutic areas. With over 50 years of combined research experience behind it, our experienced staff ensures the highest caliber of patient care, while gathering the most accurate and evaluable data. MSRA’s expert team is trained in a full spectrum of services to insure our clinical research processes are managed and executed flawlessly.

The MSRA Difference

  • Only Premier Independent Research Facility within 100 mile radius
    • Fully Equipped Exam Rooms
    • Comfortable Patient Suite for Serial Studies
    • Mercury Sphygmomanometers
    • Locked Ambient Drug Room (monitored with min-max thermometers)*​
    • Double Locked Storage for Controlled Substances*               
    • Secured Refrigerated Drug Storage* 
    • -20 and -80 Freezers (monitored with mini-max thermometers)* 
    • Medical Grade Vaccine Refrigerator
    • Ambient Centrifuge
    • Refrigerated Centrifuge
    • Spirometry Suite
    • Burdick Interpretive 12 lead ECG
    • Secured Storage for Study Documents
    • Back-up Generator
    • Monitored Security System with Cameras
    • Monitor Rooms with Telephone, WIFI and Hardwire Connections
    • Onsite Laboratory for Collection and Shipment to Central Laboratory
    • CAP Certified Local Laboratory Facility
    • Dry Ice
    • Inpatient Capabilities
    • High Capacity Copier and Scanner
    • Automated Emergency On Call System
    • Customized Source Documents for Each Study
    • Proprietary Site Core Source Documents
    • Access to X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Endoscopy/Colonoscopy Suite and Dialysis Center
  • 50,000 plus Patient database
  • Clinical Research staff with over 50 years’ experience including – Database Manager, Patient Recruitment, Regulatory Administrator, Certified Clinical Research Coordinators, Clinical Research Assistants, Business Development Manager, Contract Administrators, Onsite Managing Director
  • Proprietary Source Documents for Each Study
  • Nine clinical Investigators in the following therapeutics areas:
    • Internal Medicine
    • Family practice
    • Critical Care Medicine
    • OB/GYN

Our Investigators

Dr. Guy S. Strauss D.O, Medical Director has been practicing since 1987 and is Board Certified in Internal medicine and Critical medicine. Dr. Strauss has received the American Medical Association’s Physician Recognition Award seven times. He continues to serve as a trainer and mentor for the Medical College of the University of Florida. He has been in practice for 34 years and is proud to be part of  the staff of Lake City Medical Center. Patients participating in studies with Multi-Specialty Research Associates reap the benefits of Dr. Strauss’s passion of working today with the treatments of tomorrow.

Dr. Miguel Tepedino M.D. obtained his medical doctorate from the University of Florida College of Medicine. He is board certified in family medicine and also completed his residency training at the University of Florida. He maintains a private practice in Lake City. Dr Tepedino was affiliated with Lake City Medical Center in the past and previously served as Chief of Medicine and Chief of Staff. Dr. Tepedino takes great pride in providing stellar patient care while never losing site of the personal touch in patient interactions. He is admired and respected in our community as well as by his patients for his dedication to good patient care. Dr. Tepedino is truly an asset to the staff of Multi-Specialty Research and the research community and looks forward to bringing exciting new opportunities to Lake City.

Dr. Ernesto Alonso attended to medical school at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Guantanamo, Cuba, and completed his Neurology Residency and Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship training at KUMC (Kansas University Medical Center). Dr. Alonso is currently an associated consultant Neurologist for Shands Lake Shore Regional Medical Center and Lake City Medical Center.

​Dr. Ernesto Alonso provides services as a general neurologist and neurological health care for patients with Stroke, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), MG (Myasthenia Gravis), Epilepsy, Headache, Dementias, Encephalopathies, Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.

Cynthia B. Magrini, MD is an internal medicine physician with over thirty years experience in emergency and primary care practice. Dr. Magrini served as a dedicated Emergency Room physician for Shands Lake Shore Regional Medical Center for over nineteen years. She also served on the Medical Staff Credentials Committee for Shands Lake Shore Regional Medical Center in support of the facilities safety and compliance program for quality patient care. Dr. Magrini’s dedication to her patients and the Lake City Community has been recognized throughout her professional career.

Dr. Anthony B. Agrios, MD is board certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He opened his practice in 1998, following residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Florida. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University where he received a bachelor’s degree in biology. He received his M.D. in 1992 from the University of Southern California where he was a Dean’s Scholar. Dr. Agrios is passionate about his surgical skills and keeps apprised of the latest medical advances. He was the first surgeon to move forward with robotic surgery at North Florida Regional Medical Center and he strongly believes that minimally invasive surgical techniques are better for patients and are the future of gynecologic surgery. The community has long benefited from the experience and dedication of Dr. Agrios.  Now the exciting field of research, nationally and internationally will benefit from this dynamic physician.

Dr. Joseph S. Iobst, MD is board certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He joined the All About Women team in March of 2009, after several years as the Associate Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia. He is a graduate of Bucknell University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Biology. He received his M.D. from Temple University School of Medicine. The field of obstetrics and gynecology continues to provide Dr. Iobst with great personal fulfillment and job satisfaction. He combines a passion for patient-centered care with a thorough and contemporary experience in both routine and high-risk obstetrics. His 30+ years of experience includes extensive use of his surgical skills in vaginal surgery and laparoscopic procedures. In the ever-expanding field of research, the need for stellar physicians is crucial. Dr. Iobst is such a physician. His experience, knowledge and dedication serve to uphold the quality, high standards and safety in multi-therapeutic research.

Elaina Wlliamson, ARNP obtained her BSN from the University of Central Florida and then her MSN from the University of South Alabama. She has 10 years of experience working in the ICU and critical care and holds a critical care certification. Elaina is passionate about delivering adequate and compassionate care for her patients. When she’s away from work, Elaina enjoys traveling with her husband, Justin, and their two daughters.

Our PharmD

Scott (A.J.) Ward, Jr., PharmD, received his Pharmaceutical degree from University of Florida. He began his internship locally with Baya Pharmacy in Lake City, FL. in 2008 and found a home with them still today. Mr. Ward is currently a member of Florida Society of Health-System (FSHP). Mr. Ward has worked closely with the University of Florida in areas of study involving Rheumatoid Arthritis and Effects on Geriatrics and Medication Therapy Management and Experiences (National Advisory Board). Mr. Ward brings vast knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry coupled with experience and eagerness of working today with the drugs of tomorrow to Multi-Specialty Research Associates.

Our Senior Staff

Judy M. Lowrey

As one of the original start-up staff of Multi-Specialty Research Associates, Inc. (MSRA) in 2018, Ms. Lowrey was introduced to the position of Business Development. While Ms. Lowrey excelled at Business Development, it soon became apparent that her long standing professional affiliation with the local business community would benefit the company in many ways. Ms. Lowrey became the face and voice of the MSRA, bringing the focus and benefits of clinical research development to the community as a whole. Her exceptional organizational skills, coupled with her professional manner and forward-thinking abilities propelled her to Regulatory Specialist, where she now manages and oversees the regulatory administrative duties for this multi-study, multi-therapeutic research facility.

Crystal Dyer, RTR, SR-CRC

Crystal Joined our team in 2019 as a research assistant, really trying to get a grasp on research before moving into our study start up team getting good fundamentals and process by doing source builds, recruiting and quality control. But she always knew she wanted more, in late 2019 she became a clinical research coordinator and never looked back. In 2021 she was moved into the Senior Clinical Research Coordinator role overseeing a team of 9 other clinical research coordinators. Crystal encourages her team and strives for excellence in everything they do.

Kalyn Proctor, CPT, CMA

Kalyn Joined our team in 2020 as a lab technician assistant. She quickly grew to love research and knew she had a passion for more. In 2021, she was assisting in audit prep when she realized she had found her niche. She loves quality control/quality assurance. Kalyn is now the Senior QC coordinator overseeing all of our site’s quality control measures and a team of 2 other QC members. She continues to grow and strive for the highest quality and management possible.

Emma Tirella, Patient Enrollment Coordinator

Joined the MSRA team in 2018 in the marketing and recruiting department, ever since emma has been a strong pillar of support to the success of MSRA. She is no ordinary enrollment coordinator, she gives 100% all the time. She truly enjoys her job, and always strives to make a difference in patients lives and the lives of her coworkers.

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