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What Our Patients Are Saying…

We believe that hearing from people like you who have been part of our clinical trials is really important. These real stories help you see the good work we do and how we keep everyone safe during our trials. Reading what other participants have to say can give you a better idea of what it’s like to be part of a clinical trial, how it feels to help advance research, and why you can trust our procedures. Discover firsthand the positive experiences and benefits of being in a clinical trial. Their words show how important our work is, and they inspire us to keep providing excellent care to our patients.

“They were all very great, professional, courteous, nice, and very friendly. They treated me awesome and took care of me very efficiently.”

— Harold Kessee,

“It’s been my pleasure to participate in the COVID study. I was anxious to get the vaccine as soon as possible, so I felt fortunate to be able to participate. They have been great to work with and I highly recommend them. The care was great, as well as communication, and the staff.”

Janin Vann

“M3 Wake Research was very efficient, friendly and professional. I was happy to be involved in this clinical study. I encourage anyone interested in clinical studies to give them a try. It was a great experience, plus I got the added benefits of receiving the vaccine.”

— Diane Matranga

“The staff have been exceptional, every step was organized, and professional, full explanation of each procedure.

And kept me well-informed. I had such an exceptional experience; I look forward to being part of a future study. Many thanks to all.”

Kathy Forrest

“When I saw an opportunity to solve one of my medical issues, I did not know what to expect, having never done a medical trial. M3 Wake Research put me at ease and treated me as family and not a client. Thank you for your kindness over this past year.”

— Roland Perez

“Thank you for this amazing study with you. It was fun and interesting despite being a long study. The team is cooperative and has very good customer service. I would love to join any future study.”

Muad Abuhumaid

“The staff that has been treating me is extremely professional, and knowledgeable, and truly listens to any/all concerns or questions I might have. They have treated me with dignity and kindness and are truly interested in my good health. This was my very first study, so I was a bit hesitant. My experience here with PRI and their over-the-top qualified staff has been fantastic. They are all the BEST.”

Joanna Hoffman

“M3 Wake Research was always efficient. My appointments were always on time. The visits and calls were thorough. Being able to call anytime with questions and concerns made my participation easy. I look forward to more studies in the future.”

Teresa Starks

“The staff was very accommodating with scheduling. I appreciate their flexibility with changes to my appointments. Also, I never got bruised from blood draws. The clinical staff is experienced and thoughtful. I feel well taken care of. Thank you!”

— Patrick Yeung

“Being part of this study has been a great experience to explore my OCD and better my symptoms, both with the medical aspects and the questionnaires that allowed me to explore how I feel. The staff are all very friendly and pleasant to see each visit, as well as non-judgmental about something crucial to dealing with OCD. I love how organized this entire process has been and would definitely do it again.”

Kaly Mendoza