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What’s In It For You

There are many reasons people want to be part of a clinical trial. Your goals may be different than another patient’s – even someone similar to you who shares the same medical condition. One thing we know for certain. The benefits of study participation extend well beyond your own personal health.

Here are some of the most common benefits patients have shared with us over tens of thousands of studies:

  • Personal attention from top medical professionals in their fields
  • Education regarding your condition and the available treatment options
  • Free physical examination and testing (often including lab work, EKG, ultrasounds, comprehensive screenings, and other tests appropriate to the study)
  • Immediate test results whenever possible
  • Free medications/treatment for the duration of the study
  • Access to treatment and medication currently unavailable to the general public
  • Open sharing of all lab work and test results with your primary care physician
  • Compensation for your time and travel expenses
  • Your participation will help make new medication and treatment options available to others
  • Possible improvement in the symptoms related to your medical condition
pictured: cartoon illustration of diverse adults