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UTI / E. coli Vaccine Study For Seniors (Currently Recruiting)


Seniors with a history of UTI, are at an increased risk of developing a bloodstream infection, caused by an E. coli bacteria.

A clinical research study to assess the effectiveness and safety of an investigational vaccine in the prevention of bloodstream infection is now enrolling. Insurance is not needed to participate in this study.

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You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • Must have a history of UTI in the past 2 years for which evidence of diagnosis was verified by the investigator. In case of a recent history of UTI or ABP, the condition must have resolved greater than (>)14 days prior to randomization
  • Must be willing to share relevant medical information pertaining to medical history and to share medical records relevant to the medical events identified as suspected cases of invasive extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli disease (IED), urinary tract infections (UTI), or acute bacterial prostatitis (ABP).
  • Feel comfortable, or have a caregiver who is comfortable using a web-based program on a computer or tablet, or an application on a smartphone

Qualified participants will receive:

  • Study-related vaccine at no cost
  • Study-related medical exams at no cost
  • Compensation for time and travel

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Why Participate?

Contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and treatments, while receiving expert medical care under close supervision.


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