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Binge Eating (Coming Soon)

Binge Eating

To qualify, you must:

  • Be Male or Female
  • Be Between 18 to 55 years old
  • Have recurrent episodes of binge eating.
    • Binge eating is characterized by the following:
      • Eating within a discrete period of time (i.e., within any 2-hour period), an amount of food that is definitely larger than what most people would eat in a similar period of time under similar circumstances
      • A sense of lack of control over eating during the episode (e.g., a feeling that one cannot stop eating or control what or how much one is eating)

Why Participate?

Contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and treatments, while receiving expert medical care under close supervision.


The M3 Wake Research Network has powered innovation with over 9,100 Successful Clinical Trials in patients from 6 months to 85 years.


Patient safety is paramount with strict protocols and ethical guidelines, minimizing risks and ensuring thorough monitoring throughout the trial.

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