M3 Wake Research Launches New Clinical Trial Testing EmitBio's Innovative, Safe, COVID Device Utilizing Precision LED Technology -

M3 Wake Research Launches New Clinical Trial Testing EmitBio’s Innovative, Safe, COVID Device Utilizing Precision LED Technology

New AntiViral Light Technology Developed by Local Research Triangle Life Sciences Company

[Raleigh, NC – July 12, 2023] – M3 Wake Research, a leading fully integrated network of clinical research sites and one of North America’s largest providers of Phase I-IV clinical trials announces the launch of a new clinical trial in collaboration with EmitBio, Inc., based in Morrisville, North Carolina. The trial aims to evaluate the effectiveness of EmitBio’s groundbreaking, safe, and drug-free COVID-19 treatment, which combines their advanced light science and medical technology for patients with early (mild) COVID.

M3 Wake Research is currently enrolling patients who are interested in participating in this new study, which provides a unique opportunity to help pioneer an innovative technology that has the potential to change the way upper respiratory viruses are prevented and treated in the future. The light-based technology of this COVID-19 treatment addresses the critical need for safe and effective COVID-19 treatments that are available to everyone without harsh drug-to-drug interactions.

“We are particularly excited to launch this clinical trial in the Raleigh area testing innovative, proprietary technology which was developed by a local company” said Lucian Cappoli, Director of Early Phase Operations, of M3 Wake Research. “By enrolling in this unique study, patients get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to advance medicine while supporting the groundbreaking work of their fellow North Carolinians.”

“Given the persistent threat COVID-19 presents to the world, it is important to have a safe, at-home therapeutic for early treatment regardless of an individual’s current prescription regime or other health concerns,” said John Oakley, Chief Operating Officer for EmitBio. “Our earlier trials have shown the safety of the RD-X19 and demonstrated unmatched efficacy against all variants in those trials. We are looking forward to completing this trial and moving forward with FDA approval so we may meet the needs of those infected with SAR-CoV-2.”

EmitBio’s revolutionary RD-X19 utilizes precise wavelengths of safe, visible light to inactivate pathogens and activate the body’s natural defenses. The non-pharmaceutical precision light treatment is effective against all known existing variants of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and offers potential for treating other upper respiratory viruses such as influenza (flu) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in the future.

By enrolling in the trial, participants will contribute to advancing scientific knowledge and improving public health. The drug-free nature of EmitBio’s treatment is simple to administer and is convenient for at-home usage, to potentially enhance patients’ quality of life and offer peace of mind.