COVIDAware - Wake Research


M3 Wake Research has partnered with HealthAware, a nationwide leader of health risk assessments, to develop a screening and triage program called CovidAware.  CovidAware functions as an early warning tool that provides real-time information to ensure workplace access is granted safely to the appropriate people to reduce COVID exposure for personnel and help prevent the spread of COVID within our facilities and communities.

When and How to Use CovidAware:

  1. Are you a monitor, contractor, or employee who is planning to visit or work at a Wake Research facility today? If yes, great!  You get to use CovidAware.
  2. Use your Smart Phone to click on the link or scan the QR code below. It’s important to complete this survey on your phone (not a laptop or desktop) because it will be your “ticket” for entry into our facilities today.
  3. Complete the survey.
  4. You will receive a “asymptomatic” or “symptomatic”
  5. If you are “asymptomatic,” you are approved to work or visit the facility. Show the “asymptomatic” screen to gain entry to the facility.
  6. If you are “symptomatic,” you are not allowed to work or visit the facility. Contact your supervisor immediately for further direction.  If you are a Monitor, please contact your employer, and reschedule your monitoring visit or make arrangements to conduct your monitoring visit remotely.

You will need to access CovidAware and complete a new survey each day you visit the building.

Thanks for doing your part to minimize the spread of COVID!

You can also use this QR Code to be taken to the survey:

pictured: a QR code for M3 Wake Research's COVIDAware survey