Weather Alerts for Wake Research Employees

Employees should use their own discretion whether or not it is safe to report to work so as not to endanger themselves or others. Please refer to the Inclement Weather Policy below.

Latest Updates (last reported 1PM on 01/23/2022)

Open during normal business hours.

At this present time the Inclement Weather policy in our employee handbook is as follows:

1. Certain days will be designated Inclement Weather Days by the Management of Wake Research, usually after the working day has begun, after weather reports and patient volume are observed.

2. Leaving Early Due to Inclement Weather: Those employees who report to work on time will be credited with the hours of a full working day, even if the office closes early, as determined by the administration at some point during the day. The employee must work until the office officially closes to qualify for this. Otherwise, the employee will be paid for hours actually worked.

3. Employees who are unable to report to work will be required to use a PTO day for the entire day missed, even if the office closes early or opens late.