COVID-19 – Nasal Booster Vaccine

Robert McCain

New Research Opportunity For Previously Vaccinated Adults The development and approval of an effective vaccine was an important milestone in our fight against COVID-19. We are grateful to all who have made the choice to protect themselves and others by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. As the pandemic continues, an important next step is learning about the safety and effectiveness of ... Read More

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Robert McCain

Do you or a loved one suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? Current Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) treatment not working? Participation in a clinical trial may mean finding better treatment options than those currently available. You may qualify if: You are female Between 18 to 40 years old at the screening visit Have been diagnosed with PCOS Have a BMI ... Read More

Adolescent COVID-19 and HPV Vaccine

Matt Crist

Protect Your Child Against COVID-19 and HPV In One Shot Adolescents aged 9-11 years old who have not received the COVID-19 and HPV vaccine are invited for a clinical research study in Raleigh, NC. Together we can make the difference! To qualify, you must: Be 9-11 years old Have not received the COVID-19 vaccine Have not received an HPV vaccine ... Read More

Chronic Migraines

Robert McCain

Migraines Getting In Your Way? Wake Research Is Seeking Volunteers For A Research Study For Individuals With Chronic Migraines. If you have had chronic migraines for at least 1 year, you may qualify for this study. Participants will receive study-related medication and study-related medical care at no cost. You will receive compensation for time and travel. To qualify, you must: ... Read More

Migraine Studies

Robert McCain

Migraine pain getting in your way? Migraine is a neurological condition that can be debilitating and incapacitating. Wake Research is looking for participants to enroll in multiple clinical studies for the treatment, observation, or prevention of migraines. Medical Insurance is not needed to participate in our studies. Studies we are exploring: · Investigational Prevention · Botox Treatment · Episodic Migraine ... Read More

Health Volunteers (Female-Only Study)

Matt Crist

Healthy volunteers needed for a female-only study. Wake Research is enrolling individuals in a clinical research study for a cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine. Compensation is available for participation. Insurance is not needed to participate in this study. What is CMV? CMV is a common virus that is often overlooked because healthy people who get it rarely show symptoms. But if a ... Read More

Tobacco Study

Matt Crist

Tobacco Research Study Researchers want to learn more about the effects of switching from cigarette smoking to using a Heated Tobacco Product (HTP). Your help could make all the difference. Compensation up to $3500 and free study-related medical care. Sign up today! To qualify, you must: Be between 26-55 years old Have smoked for at least 5 years Be willing ... Read More

Public Speaking Anxiety

Matt Crist

Do you or a loved one experience severe public speaking anxiety? Consider a clinical research study for individuals with performance anxiety. To qualify, you must: Be between 18-70 years old Be a non-smoker and non-nicotine user Have substantial public speaking anxiety Qualified participants will receive: Compensation up to $175 for time and travel See if you qualify!

Nicotine Study

Matt CristWake Research, Clinical Trials

Looking for Nicotine Alternatives? Help advance research by participating in a study for nicotine. Requires a consecutive 6-day, 5-night overnight visit. Insurance is not needed to participate in this study. To qualify, you must: Be between 21 to 60 years old Be generally healthy Smoke cigarettes as a primary source of tobacco Smoke an average of at least 10 cigarettes ... Read More

Contraceptive Patch – Women’s Health

Matt Crist

Birth control study A new investigational patch is being studied to determine its safety and tolerability (how your body responds to the patch) of the patch and how it prevents pregnancy. Insurance is not needed to participate in this study. To qualify, you must: Be female 16-35 years of age Qualified participants will receive: For your time and travel related ... Read More