Pfizer COVID Vaccine FAQ

The following article relates to the Pfizer COVID Vaccine Protocol#C4591001: All participants who courageously volunteered to help make a difference during this pandemic have the option to receive the investigational vaccine while continuing to be part of the clinical trial. The Vaccine Transition Option The Vaccine Transition Option is a voluntary process that offers all participants 16 years and older … Read More

How the Tuskegee Experiments Changed Clinical Trials

Pneumococcal & Flu Vaccine Research Study for Seniors

In 1932, 600 African American men from Macon County, Alabama were told they were receiving treatment for bad blood. Unbeknownst to them, they were enlisted in what became a tragic 40-year study to observe untreated syphilis in black populations. Withholding not only their diagnosis but also treatment cost the lives of some of these men and drastically impacted their families. … Read More